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John is a true creative, his decerning eye is evident in everything he touches – his beautiful arrangements, his house, his personal style. His work makes my work look better!

Natalia Miyar

John is the only florist I know, and I would trust his work.  He never takes over interiors, but he always gets my ideas and manages to work alongside me with tremendous elegance and symmetry

Paolo Moschino

A brilliant florist. A fabulous colourist. A super stylish dude. A man of great taste

Bruce Oldfield

There is very little to say about John Carter, except he is the best! We have known each other and worked together for the last 25 years and it has only been a pleasurable experience

Veere Greeney

John is the most wonderful, generous friend. I’ve known him since his days when he had his Van in Bibendum – he has guided me through 3 weddings, 5 christenings and countless parties!

Nina Campbell

He is a man of immaculate taste with unrivalled creative flair and I consider myself privileged to know him both professionally and as a dear friend


There is no one quite like John in this world, he is a perfectionist to the last degree, his passion and love of flowers are sublime, he is one of a kind

Kelly Hoppen

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